General Sorting Out Your 'urgent Need'

Sorting Out Your 'urgent Need'

At times you may find yourself hard-pressed for immediate solution. These are moments you notice time is short but the need is dire. As a bailout, you may resort to calling people/dealers/service providers you know. Worse still, you may find yourself having to cover long distances in search owing to the urgency and kind of pressure emanating from the kind of need.

Can we put a halt to such kind of anguish? Just log in to Linkpal Bits Online on and post the need under our 'Urgently Needed' portal on the Landing Page and enjoy your traffic of prospects with solutions. Our 'Urgently Needed' portal allows you for post your need or advertise your trade (e.g. Urgently Needed -buyer of... or job as a ...). The cost is only 100 KES for a whole 24 hours.

Once posted, Linkpal takes it upon ourselves to share the Need with all our networks besides the normal visibility among our traffic.

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