About Us

Who we Are

Linkpal Bits Online is a highly interactive web-based platform that seeks to enhance market visibility and increased online connectivity between seekers and dealers. We hook up entrepreneurs, institutions, mentors, coaches, shoppers, donors; virtually all of suppliers and service providers in view of their interests and needs. At Linkpal, we provide a database and repository of market-seekers, enthusiasts and shoppers willing to be hooked up with their sequels in the market. Our business is thus to provide easy online connectivity by hooking up interested parties.

Our Story

The solution-oriented platform has been born out of our realization that information is the most sought-after commodity in the world. Out of curiosity and need to avail easier and most convenient means of information sharing, we came up with a platform that would ease the pressure from the shoulders of seekers. We have been keen to notice that humanity has remained in steady anguish over Access to rightful service providers, products, tutors, mentors & coaches, role models, experts & specialists, workers, sellers and outlets for their wares. This has been the case despite the rampant existence of just about everything humanity has desired.

Our observation has taught us that the only missing link has been an organized infrastructure for necessary hook-up connecting seekers with providers. We have noticed that many have been struggling with how to make their rather unutilized skills and products count. On the other hand, seekers have been reeling with unmet needs thereto.

We just have been keen to notice a world suffocating both want and abundance! While experts have struggled with obscure visibility of their competences, employers and transformation enthusiasts have on the other hand suffered in want for the right mentors and coaches in those same fields! While farmers have wobbled in lack for markets, consumers for farm produce have lamented the lack of these same commodities. While employees have had their potentials suffocated under disempowering supervisors, the world has cried over lack of innovators, mentors and coaches in those same skills possessed by these same workers.

All over the place abound learners struggling with where to find the right tutor yet just too many tutors surfer unemployment. We encounter just too many potential sponsors, financiers seeking to establish strategic partnerships yet still as many broke entrepreneurs exist. Such has remained the paradox of life today!

Essentially, our story is that of a credible interface for hooking up those who feel they have what it takes with those who think they miss the same services or wares. It is a story about knowledge that everyone has something for which they’d like to be contacted for –and indeed taking a step to have it done. With this pack of acknowledgement, we set out to establish a versatile platform that would enable everyone to Access, connect and duplicate themselves and leave their mark accordingly.

We initially thought of hooking up mentors, coaches and protégé. This was borne out of cognition of fact that virtually everyone on this planet requires some aspect of guidance into one thing or other. But eventually the space grew to cover a wider range of human needs and desires. We found ourselves expanding our niche to cater for goods and services and other professional and social services. And we are still counting! Our ultimate goal is to provide something for virtually everyone resident on this planet.

Besides hook-up; we equally thought of providing space for product placement (affiliation), advertising (including a port for fast-tracking ‘Urgently Needed’ request), and do offer lots of freebies including our monthly online magazine –TheLearnerMonthly Bits. Alongside the online business exchange, we also reserve a space for deserving cases to inform of their need and help them get the right Hooks or sponsors/philanthropists for their causes.

Basically, you can log in to our platform for three purposes:

  1. In search for products and service providers
  2. In search for buyers, dealers and strategic parties
  3. Our not-for sale information packs and magazines

And with this goes the tale of LinkPalBitsOnline; a platform with an undying resolve to provide sure and real-time hook-ups for all players in the world math. You’ll be able to learn more of our story as you interact with our online portal; and our Hooks.

Your Value-added

Through our devoted Hook-Up portal, you shall have yourself connected with your most sought-after service provider, producer or market for your distinctive services and wares. This you shall be able to attain at the convenience of your smart-phone, desktop or laptop computer. By enlisting with us, we take off your shoulder the agony of having to spend donkey hours and days of search and window-shopping; or having to ensure personal presence at the market front.

We spare you Dollars of having to secure expensive advertising costs and the time-lag involved. Once you join or visit our database and repository of service providers, dealers and marketers, we simply have you sorted. By integrating yourself into our online database, we promise to deepen your marketplace experience.

We basically save you the Dollars, the time, the worry and risk of falling behind schedule or in to the hands marketplace quacks and extortionists. Our assurance is that it is both fun and wisdom to do business with LinkpalBitsOnline.Try us, now!

What to Do...

Simply Click Here and sort yourself out from the comfort of your desk, phone or network hotspot. By partnering with LinkpalBitsOnline you guarantee yourself of no more travels for sourcing and window-shopping. You shed off the heartache of where to find whom, how to go about it or even the anguish of running expensive ads pertaining to your needs. LinkpalBitsOnline guarantees your one-stop online mall for selection or your perfect matches either way.

In case of any challenges visit our User Guide for help or Contact Us on +254 716066547 / [email protected]