User Guide

We value your comfort and convenience as a user of our platform. This User Guide is your tool that  helps clarify key aspects while navigating through our platform. It is meant to assist with your quick navigation without much delay or need for third-party assistance.

a) About Linkpal

Linkpal Bits Online is a web-based connectivity service provider for individuals and businesses. We offer an online platform into which our clients can create their businesses/themselves for market visibility. On the platform seekers and shoppers gain access and quick connectivity to dealers and service providers hosted in our growing database.

b) Our Terminologies

  • Access – Obtain entry and navigation through our entire repository of service providers (Hooks)
  • Auto-creation – inputting your business data into Linkpal platform
  • CV-on-fast-track - Hot CVs of people on search; which we shall share with all our networks and linkages on weekly basis
  • Hook – a linkage. It can be a person or a business in our database
  • Hook-up – connection or linkage to any of our Hooks
  • Premier Hooksall Hooks outside Kenya and other highly classified Hooks including Diaspora, international entities, philanthropists & those seeking support/partnerships
  • Priority Hooks – especially the local entities domiciled in Kenya
  • Urgently Needed – Service or product that cannot wait for next day

c) Sample Hooks

Solution-givers and ready providers of the world's needs is what we refer to as Hooks. Virtually every kind of business or person with a business mind is eligible to become a Hook at Linkpal Bits Online. Some of our Hook categories include: Mentors, Tutors, Farm-fresh products, Academies, P1 Teachers, Artisanal Services, Engineering Services, Laundry & Nanny Services, Car Hire & Taxi Services, Filming & Photography, MC & DJ Services, Clothing & Wedding Attire, Outside Catering, Publishing & Printing ServicesYour CV on Fast-track, etc. The list simply a growing trend; cannot be exhaustive. As long as new businesses and business ideas keep coming up, our list will continue to grow.

d) Our Charge Rates

At Linkpal, value for money and client convenience comes first. We thrive in availing rock-bottom rates for both our online hosting and connection services. Our applicable rates are as follows:

  • Log-in to  -Free
  • Posting a Urgently Needed item - 50 KES/0.5 USD/0.5Euro
  • Access to entire Priority database - 10 KES/0.5 USD/0.5 Euro
  • Access to entire Premier database -25 KES/0.5 USD/0.5 Euro
  • Creating self as a Priority Hook - 250 KES/3 USD/3 Euro annually
  • Creating a business entity as a Priority Hook - 500 KES/5 USD/5 Euro annually
  • Creating self/business entity as a Premier Hook -1,000KES/ 10USD/10Euro annually
  • Hook-up to Priority Hooks - 50 KES/1 USD/1 Euro
  • Hook-up to Premier Hooks - 100 KES/3 USD/3 Euro
  • Posting a CV to Your CV-on-fast-track -250 KES/5 USD/5 Euro per Quarter

e) Log-In

Though not mandatory, for the System to recognize, grant and remember your navigation rights, it is necessary to log in and obtain your unique rights to interact with our varieties of content and functionalities. You’ll see the Log-In port at the extreme top-right on the Landing Page. Please click on it and supply mandatory details to proceed. You may ask the System to; ‘Always Remember your/my Password’ or you personally keep it safely for purposes of your subsequent visits. Please note; Log-In to our site is all free.

f) Accessing our Database

While you can do this from 'Our Hooks' portal; Access to our database can be obtained by:

  • Clicking on any active Access link (green/blue) you find all over our write-up throughout the platform.
  • Once you click on it, System prompts you to make your payment by entering your phone/visa card number
  • Once you enter your phone/visa card number, you receive a message on your supplied phone number asking you to confirm
  • Upon payment, the System opens to grant Access to the particular Hook and all others in that category (Priority or Premier) that you'd like to navigate

g) Requesting for Hook-up

Once you have Access to our Hooks, you may want to request for Hook-up with any (or a multiple of them, in series) of your preference. This is simple:

  • Select your preferred Hook
  • Input your details
  • System prompts you to make payment
  • Once paid up, your requested Hook will receive a notification to Accept hook up
  • They Accept and you receive Linkpal SMS asking you to email, SMS or call
  • Do the needful and you are already hooked up!

h) Creating Self/Business as a Hook

To create your business/self as a Hook, you simply:

  • Click on the Create self/Business icon
  • System will ask you to select Hook category -Priority or Premier
  • Select the particular Hook Category you prefer to feature in
  • If it is not available on the provided Menu, select Other and proceed
  • Proceed to populate details as required
  • At submission, System asks you to make your payment
  • If OK, System will take you to your payment mode Mpesa, PayPal to pay
  • Once paid up, you receive confirmation and your entry is posted on our database

i) Your Required Actions as a Hook

Remember, being a Hook in our database, you remain open for business/transaction with our clientele from across the globe. It is your joy to receive a Hook-up Request from a client anytime. Please do not disappoint; treat the client with utmost care, diligence and speed. These are the expected motions:

  • You receive a Linkpal Message notifying of Hook-up Request
  • Log in to your Linkpal account to view the Request; as soon as practically possible
  • Accept the Request by checking the boxes -'Phone Number'; 'Email' as listed
  • Client then gets back to you for business

j) Urgently Needed

This functionality on our Landing Page allows for you to post an Urgent Need or view others posted on the platform. The Need remains active and displayed for our traffic to see for the next 24 hours. By selecting View all, you gain free access to all posted Needs -You are free to contact the client for business!

If you want to post your own Need, select Post one Now. Supply all necessary details; pay for your Need and sit back for prospects to contact you -almost immediately. Besides, to boost your success rate, we sent Urgently Needed updates to all our contacts twice every single day; at 10.00AM and 6.00PM. This is guarantee that you cannot miss out on a same-day bail-out on your Need. Once you are sorted; we advise you come back and discontinue the Need so as to stop further disturbance on yourself from prospecting solution providers.

k) Your CV-on-Fast-track

This part has been included for purpose of serving our clients currently out of job and who would like to give a push on their search efforts. Your CV-on-Fast-track is a Hook category under which you can upload your credentials on Linkpal platform giving a brief on your suitability and fit for job.

Besides the general viewership by our traffic, we ensure your CV is shared out with all Linkpal contacts once every week for a fast-tracked visibility and review. There are no charges for accessing CVs on fast-track or connection with prospective employers.

l) Your Benefits as a Linkpal Client

We simply aim to bring to our clientele the most current business trend, online marketing; most affordably and with unprecedented convenience:

  • As a Hook (dealer or service provider), you are guaranteed of global visibility and unforgettable market presence for purposes of building up a loyal repeat client-base. We ensure you get to establish a customer base who knows you and your products/services, and who you know and understand well. The aim is to diminish the agony of having to sit around awaiting the next passing customer!
  • As a client, shopper or seeker; we spare you the agony of costly and time-consuming search to satisfy your needs. At Linkpal, you have access to genuine market offers right at your desktop, phone or network hot spot at unimaginably low connection rates. We avail to you variety to choose from as we grant you opportunity to hook up with as many service providers as can be. You grant wide variety for your window-shopping before making up your mind. Simply, we spare you the heartache of having to start from unknown by offering you a KNOWN platform to start from.


Should anything be unclear to you as you interact with our platform, please come back to this page for your guidance; and/or

Be free to give us your feedback and suggestions for improvement on our 'Useful Links' at the foot of the Landing Page;

  • Select 'Contact Us'
  • Input your Details, Subject and Message to us
  • 'Submit' -and we shall be glad to get back to you in the shortest time possible

Linkpal: Everything you need!

In case of any challenges visit our User Guide for help or Contact Us on +254 716066547 / [email protected]