Automobile Parts and Spares

Many are times we have experienced anguish over where to find certain specific auto-mobile parts and spares just in time. On the flipside, dealers have been reeling with where to sell their wares despite all the demand all over the place. People do not like the experience neither do they have the time to keep walking up-and-down the market seeking to access the right dealers in town.

Few have had the nasty experience of having to service an urgent tender/contract with rare spares. Few love the experience of winning a tender and then having to sub-contract a fellow to source and supply on their behalf owing to lack of knowledge on where to find what. Worse still is the experience of having to drive all the way to the city to make the rounds across the commercial areas trying to window-shop and compare prices yet time is so limited. Do not forget the risk of appearing desperate and suspect on the busy alleys.

At Linkpal, we are committed to reversing that trend. With a diverse menu of dealers to select from at different towns, we offer the seeker opportunity to sample and make decisions right from the comfort of their phone or desktop. For the dealer, once you enroll as a Hook, Linkpal grants you opportunity to step into the busy avenue with seekers across the country and beyond. 

By having yourself hooked, you only need to agree on safe and convenient delivery –no travels, no need to place costly adverts for your dealership – Linkpal guarantees your necessary traffic.  

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