Farm-fresh Products

If there is a most sought after pearl in the world, that pearl is food. And everyone wants their delicacies as fresh as possible. And every dealer wishes to deliver their wares as fresh as can be. But how many times do we find people, and ourselves seeking to get this or that food-stuff fresh from the farm with little success –and we end up settling for just what is available!?

Not anymore! As a farmer/dealer, you do not want to keep hawking you perishables in the estates, or having to sit and wait for unaware buyers –just in case they come by! As a consumer, you may not even have the time to walk around the market seeking the best deals and the most fresh of the already not-so-fresh products. Worse still, consider traders who have to travel the entire night with their products to the market, only to get there at mid-night and wait till morning to prospect for buyers.

Why would you not just get hooked with a seller/s or buyer/s and only travel to deliver or pick your orders at your earliest convenience? Better even, once hooked with your dealer or buyer, you progressively build necessary trust between yourselves and none of need make the errands. All you need is to make arrangements for safe and timely delivery. 

This is why we are here! We are here to hook up eaters and producers of farm products as fresh as can be. We retain in our database a list of farmers and food dealers in varieties of products including: fresh fish, fruits, greens, cereals and legumes for your selection and hook-up. With us, one can be a supplier or a consumer dealing at your convenience. 

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