Mentors and Coaches

Coaching and mentorship provides for the best known anchor for self-discovery and the attainment of everyone’s full potential. And this has no doubt been the missing link towards attainment of best possible lives for many. And with this realization, the world must come live to fact that right mentorship is a critical ingredient towards great living.

Just for purpose of this discussion, please say: How much would you pay someone who promised they’d point out to you exactly what has been holding you back from attaining your greatest life? It is more-or-less the same thing if you asked a youth today how much they’d be willing to pay a guy who’d make them become like Mark Zuckerburg or Bill Gates or Oprah Winfrey. That person is your mentor –someone the worth of whose services you cannot just quantify! That is the value of mentorship.

To get to any admirable level of progress today, the buzz word is simply mentorship. Your mentor is the person who’d bridge your gap between where you are today and where you want to be tomorrow. You can never stop seeking out such a person.

It is no secret that every successful personality you can think of today is, more than anything else, a product of some form of coaching and mentorship. They owe much of their success to the kind of out-of-class formation they received at some point in their lives. In essence, coaching and mentorship has today become the norm rather than the exception. Those opting out of it are quickly realizing they are the exception rather than the average.

But incidentally, over time, there has remained a big void in terms of connections that can teach the positive traits to inhabitants of this world. Quick math indicates that coaching and mentorship presents the cheapest, most impactful, yet ironically least pursued means of personal development. But it has remained the missing link in humanity’s quest for a great life.

To realize their full potential, people need more of coaching; much more than they need formal classroom teaching. To better build their confidence and focus their talents, skills and capabilities, people need to more of victory tales than academic theories.

Consider what people know about the formal careers of the likes of Nelson Mandela, John C. Maxwell, Robert Kiyosaki, Oprah Winfrey, Robert Allen, Mark Zuckerburg vis-à-vis what they know about their life in entrepreneurship and mentorship. For some, many do not even know the kind of degrees they attained in campus, but the impact of the tales on humanity –their mentorship pursuits.

These examples underscore the power of the discipline of coaching and mentorship. So, why would you still remain skeptical over the value of your mentorship? What would hold you back from investing in this age-old trade despite its demonstrated value for money? As it were, alone we can only go so far but in the armpits of those who went ahead of us, we can go so far –in fact all the way!

Every parent will want only the best for their children and dependants. They will want to go to any heights to ensure their children attain only the best in life. Consider what John Rockefeller once posed: I will pay more for the ability to deal with people than for any other ability under the sun. These words underscore the criticality of right mentorship. As it were, the world is not suffering from business problems but people problems. While academic learning plays a significant role in shaping up the future of any contemporary soul, there has always been a missing link thereto.

The world has witnessed many properly schooled persons miserably fail the test of life. Despite attaining adequate levels of formal education, such fellows have lacked necessary life skills for their cutting edge. They have only been taught how to think logically with no amount of practicality, experience and reflection. Everybody needs to encounter, witness, and experience success in practice so as to be able to psych their own prowess for greatness.

Besides formal education, the learner requires the inculcation of the right hands-on and practical skills most of which are not attainable through the formal school system. Like financial prudence, empowering life skills, workplace diligence and business acumen are best learnt out in the field; not in class. In essence, Excellence is not taught in class but out there. Proper coaching and mentorship is the age-old trim tab to steer one towards their True North.

The world has since moved on past the era of attaining ‘good grades and stable job’ for success. We are quickly into the age of creative entrepreneurship where one creates the right environment for themselves instead of waiting for the right environment to thrive. This is best attainable through focused coaching and mentorship.

Today, while formal education (in-class learning) will cost parents to 100s of thousands, the cost of the more practical and focused life-skill coaching and mentorship is near nil but the impact of both is just incomparable. With this, the coaching path can no longer remain the path less traveled!

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