Outfits & Uniform

Many are times you have found yourself having to walk up-and-down the busy streets and open markets searching for clothing and shoe attire, uniform for learners and playing teams –so tedious and exercise! On the other hand, as a dealer, you have had to spend you donkey days praying and hoping for the next passerby to just stray into your shop or stall and make a purchase. No one loves to keep looking just anywhere; leave alone the amount of time spent! And no one wants to open shop and keep staring at the door hoping God will just bring in a customer.

Too often we bring in new stock and want the market to know about it and make just place an order with us. Too often we find ourselves having to buys wedding attire; uniform for our school or village club; new clothes for Christmas, etc. Just consider the amount of energy and time this exercise sucks from you and your close acquaintances. Am sure few, and mostly none, will want to continue walking this experience!

Again Linkpal presents you with an avenue to connect and hook up with you correct dealer and customer and you remain in business for as long as you wish. Again we are here to spare you the anguish of having to go over protracted bargaining with clueless and uninterested market goers over deals you’d close in record time if you had familiar clients, either way. Our offer is provides you with an avenue to create and display yourself as a dealer at our online portal. This will guarantee your visibility among our traffic who become aware of your existence as a dealer in wedding attire, sports gear, new or second hand clothes, handbags, etc.

Or, as a customer, we spare you the headache of having to spend your entire time window shopping without clue where you will find what. We want you to do your shopping like a boss; we want you to only express your intent; sit back and get notified anytime something flashy hits your kind of market. That is convenience at its best! To position yourself in our Linkpal market, please select your preferred option:

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