P1 Teachers

As the saying goes; teaching is a very noble profession that shapes the character and quality of humanity. Teachers are on demand all over the place and it is such disservice to humanity having a professionally trained teacher sit idle at home for lack of proper placement.

The scenario is just amusing -teachers are on move seeking where they can teach; at the same time, schools and academies all over the place are desperately looking for qualified teachers to offer service at their institutions. The challenge has been connection, not unavailability either way. For instance, every single day, schools and academies lose teachers to one reason or other –including poaching by competitors, etc. As a result school managers slide into the heartache of having to make frantic calls all over the place; placing all manner of adverts with ‘Teacher Needed’... all this!

On the other side, Teacher Training Colleges are releasing qualified teachers every other semester; professionals who immediately find themselves on the jobless corner. Some end up retreating home to continue being dependant on their guardians, while others get pushed to give up the noble calling altogether despite having the right qualifications.

This is a trend we seek to reverse.

At Linkpal we avail a connection point that minimizes the distance between the teacher and the school they ought to be offering their services. We are providing you with a portal with a repository of trained teachers, a self-service menu for academies to select from as-and-when need arise. For teachers seeking to be noticed and called up for offers, we avail a portal for inputting your data so you become part of our priority Hooks, ready for selection and hook-up by prospecting employers.

With us, as the trained teacher or school management, you will no longer have to contact tiresome and costly searches. Just visit our portal and sort yourself out at the comfort of your phone or desktop. 

When it comes to teaching and education, the distance between the teacher and the school must be minimized as much as possible. That is why we are here –to connect the two in real-time.

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