To navigate through the world of academics, we at some point have felt the need for a professional and experienced guide. Irrespective of where one went to school, we at some point we have sought or wished for the services or our private tutor. Great tutors provide the crucial walking stick for the hitherto ignorant learner.

At Linkpal we have a collection of experience teachers and tutors ready for connection with seekers thereto. Our growing list entails a database of these three categories:

  • Private tutors for primary school level –all subjects
  • Tutors at secondary school level –all subjects
  • Tutors for those in college –especially Masters Level –especially in the areas of Research & Project writing; Managerial Accounting; Managerial Economics; Financial Management; Financial Accounting; Quantitative Analysis/Techniques, and Statistics.

No need to cry fouls anymore. Just make your selection below and place yourself on the right lane –the winning lane!

By choosing to work together, we can make life easier for every one of us

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